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Gourmet Grilled Cheese


Wendy and Les Herring (Third Act Services)

Product Description:

Good, old fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist, Peruvian Limonada (piquant lemon and lime drink, just like they make in Peru), A variety of black, green and herbal teas.

Our sandwiches, Limonada and tea are all produced on site in Food Safe conditions, under a Temporary Food Services permit.


Classic Grilled Cheese $4

Gourmet Grilled Cheese $5

Toppings(pick any or all): Banana pepper pickle, Dijon mustard, Crispy bacon, Sweet (white) onion

 Peruvian Limonada $1.50 

Hot Tea black, green, herbal $1.00

Our sandwiches are made with medium cheddar cheese on white, brown or multigrain bread. In the summer of 2013 we hope to introduce the Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich featuring Artisan bread and a sharper cheese. 

Contact Information

Address: Prince George, BC 

Telephone: 250.963.9276
Contact Email:

Facebook: SEARCH FOR: Gourmet Grilled Cheese 

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